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Pigskin Paradise


An hour before the Browns host the Baltimore Ravens today, eight football fans will take their place at the Best Seats in the House at Slim & Chubby's. This season, patrons can buy a $1 raffle ticket an hour before each Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes game. After two names are drawn, each winner gets to invite three pals to relax in lounge chairs set up in front of three plasma TVs on the sports bar's stage. Both groups of fans also score appetizers and 12-packs of Bud Lite. (Everybody else watches the game on 40 smaller TVs scattered throughout the bar.) Bar owner Daniel Deegan says that no matter where you watch the game, it's bound to be exciting. "I'm optimistic — but I'm optimistic every year," he says. "The defense is great. It's just a matter of the offense."
Sun., Sept. 24, 3 p.m.

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