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Pink Reason

With Clipd Beaks, Jerk, and the Pages. Monday, April 16, at Tower 2012 (9521 Madison Avenue).


Retro-rock comes in varying intensities. Take the Rapture: Just a few years ago, the New York outfit's disco-punk was totally ripped from Gang of Four. But nobody would ever mistake the band's dance-floor jams for authentic post-punk actually made in the early '80s. For all its unoriginality, the Rapture never ventured into quasi-tribute band territory; they obviously left that for Pink Reason, the vehicle for one Kevin DeBroux of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Now, according to one description making its way around the Web, Cleaning the Mirror -- the group's six-track debut for Siltbreeze Records -- sounds like a hybrid of "Tim Buckley's Lorca and Jandek's Ready for the House." But that doesn't make much sense, considering the band totally sounds like a dark, synth-heavy act from the U.K., circa 1981. DeBroux even does spooky monotone doom-speak à la Ian Curtis. In fact, press a Pink Reason seven-inch and design a cover sporting austere geometry; I guarantee you'll fool a few old punks into thinking its an obscure relic from the early days of Factory Records. Of course, Cleaning the Mirror does exude more of a ragged, midwestern feel than either Section 25 or Minny Pops, but that only proves just how ahead of its time Pink Reason really was.

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