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Pipe Dream’s ‘The Oak’ Full of Pop Gems



Pipe Dream

The Oak (self-released)

The soundtrack to The Fault in Our Stars, the teen melodrama about a young girl with a terminal disease, features a great mix of indie rock acts (Jake Bugg, Grouplove, Ed Sheeran) not afraid to show their sensitive sides. The title track from the latest offering from local indie rock act Pipe Dream would fit with the mix of music on that soundtrack. A mellow, acoustic guitar-driven song that features the sound of children playing in the background, it's a great, unpretentious ballad. "Atmosphere" and "Boston" are a little more conventional — the mix of acoustic guitars and lilting vocals make the songs sound a bit like something by the Fray — but the songwriting and singing is solid. Album closer "Carry Me Back Home" benefits from some slightly heavier percussion, and the heartfelt vocals turn it into an anthem of sorts as a veritable choir of singers arrives to bring it to a strong conclusion.

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