Best Furniture Designer

Play-Haus Design

So you just moved into your new place. It's nice, and you're on your own for the first time. Or maybe your family finally upgraded. Now it's time to furnish this sucker. The hand-me-downs and thrift-store finds won't do anymore, and you would rather buy something classic, local and, well, good than a color-by-number piece of plastic from IKEA. Something with an industrial flare, since Cleveland is in the heart of the Rust Belt. You go to one place: Play-Haus Design. Building with reutilized wood salvaged from bars, stables, old houses and other structures, Play-Haus builds pieces that will stick around without getting dated. And after you've snagged your high-quality bed or dresser or coffee table or kitchen table, outfit the rest of your house with vintage lamps or chairs to accent your snazzy, adult home. You aren't in college anymore. Don't buy furniture like you are.

Staff Pick: Play-Haus Design