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Prefuse 73

"The '92 vs. '02 Collection" (Warp)


Atlanta-raised and Barcelona-based glitch-hop producer Scott Herren chose the moniker Prefuse 73 as a tribute to one of his two favorite sample sources: pre-fusion jazz recorded before 1973. His other favorite is vocals, which Herren cuts into blips and sprinkles into his music like confetti. On last year's Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives, Herren used these devices to generate a potent strain of mutant hip-hop, but on this new four-song EP, he concentrates on crafting chill-out music for the moon.

On "Desks.Pencils.Bottles," snipped-yet-funky beatboxing, snaps, claps, slaps, and spoons-on-water-glasses ground airy, fake-woodwind-style synths, while "It Never Entered" underpins a breathy keyboard line with alien sproings and poings. Though "When Irony Wears Thin" is an odd title for a song whose intro features an MC's boasts being turned into pig Latin, the disc saves the best for last. The clean acoustic guitar and uncluttered drum break of "Love You Bring" could almost be mistaken for a Babyface track, until it's covered with rolling chimes, moody strings, and cut-up female vowels -- easy listening, indeed.

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