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Pretty Ricky

With Lil' Fizz, 2XL, and Meat N Bones. Monday, April 9, at the House of Blues.


If the idea of a southern quartet of brothers getting almost as nasty as they wanna be strikes you as novel, you need to hit the books and look up Jodeci. History seldom repeats itself as often -- or as tactlessly -- as it does in the world of pop music, and the horny siblings of Pretty Ricky have done a pretty good job convincing a new generation of R&B fans that they've reinvented this particular wheel. In case you need proof, check out Late Night Special, the Rick's sophomore album (which debuted at No. 1).

The Miami foursome of Slick 'Em, Baby Blue, Spectacular, and Pleasure earned a pair of Top 20 hits off their 2005 debut, Blueballs -- er, Bluestars. Needless to say, "Grind With Me" and "Your Body" neatly summed up their worldview and concerns. But in an effort to show they could do more than make salami references, the brothers . . . well, they basically made another Viagra pill of an album, one which again couples tuneful bedroom soul with a lengthy list of places they wanna put the ol' pepper. Remember, some folks consider this romantic -- but bring a female date to this show at your own risk.

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