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Primordial Undermind

With Seers and Mad Bunny. Saturday, February 24, at Pat's in the Flats.


Eric Arn of the Austrian group Primordial Undermind has been on a musical mission for nearly 20 years. Relocating to different cities every few years, Arn has always been helped by a revolving cast of musicians to achieve moments of psychedelic clarity. From acid-soaked guitar manhandling to breezy acoustic drones, those whom he has worked with (including Nick Saloman of the Bevis Frond) have helped shape Primordial Undermind's sound.

The group has worked with several record labels in the past, with Portland, Oregon's Strange Attractors Audio House releasing last year's Loss of Affect. Naturally, the sound of Primordial Undermind shape-shifts easily, and the number of quietly strumming guitars and spotted woodwinds on Loss of Affect give Arn's music a new branch in its meandering evolution.

Primordial Undermind's music has always been known for its eclecticism, and its recent meditative buzzings will likely make for a varied yet blissful experience.

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