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Proph the Problem

The Proph LP . . . Welcome Back to Hip Hop (



While thousands of other hip-hop clones sell their souls to hit the blingy big time, Proph the Problem stays true on The Proph LP. Look no further for proof than on the gospel-tinged "Let Me Do Me," in which the rapper proclaims, "I'm still stayin' the same, no changes involved."

Proph is also not afraid to dig deep. On cuts like "Find a Way" and "Like Mother Like Son," he gives shout-outs to his mom, recounting stories about how she struggled to provide for her boy during lean times. But more than anything, The Proph LP is an expression of an artist working all levels — Proph even assumes a fierce battle stance on "Oh No!" The CD oozes organic soul, with producers Lay-Z P, Yessurr, and the late J. Dilla providing crisp drums, smooth samples, and tons of melody.

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