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Psychometry guru Ernesto claims he can tell your future by fondling your timepiece. “Some people believe, some people come for entertainment purposes,” says Ernesto. “But when I’m done, everybody’s mouth drops.”

The 27-year-old fortune teller first discovered his psychic connection to see visions by holding anything metallic nearly two decades ago. By 18, he was predicting friends’ love lives and financial problems after holding their wedding rings and keychains. “I just thought I had a crazy imagination,” he says. “I still get spooked.”

In 2001, for example, he told a lead-footed woman that she would total her car if she continued to race through red lights in North Royalton, Erneesto receounts. Weeks later, she avoided a smash-up by slowing down at the city’s stoplights.

Last summer, Ernesto counseled a woman whose husband suddenly died, he says. Through a series of visions, he claims he saw her two stepsons poisoning the man to cash in on his life-insurance policies. The prophesy wiped him out. “It gets emotional for me,” says Ernesto. “When I’m done with a day of readings, I feel sleepy and tired. I have aches all over my body, because I take on people’s pain.”

Every year, Ernesto conducts as many as 1,000 half-hour weekend readings each year at the Personal Growth Holistic Center. He also gives 15-minute “teases” on the first Sunday of each month at the Goddess Elite Psychic Fair. Plus, he finds time to channel dead relatives at private s<\#142>ances throughout the area. “I think everyone has the ability to do psychometry,” he says. “It just depends on how far you can open yourself up. This is what I born to do.”
Fridays, 3-6 p.m.; First Sunday of every month, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., 2007

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