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2012's second Snow White movie is better, more evil than the first



At the very least, Snow White and the Huntsman -- the second movie of 2012 to revisit the classic fairy tale -- will wash out the bad taste left by Mirror Mirror earlier this year. This one has some balls.

Kristen Stewart plays the teenage princess, who escapes her castle prison for the Dark Forest, pursued by a drunken Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, Thor in The Avengers) sent by her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna (a ravaging Charlize Theron). First-time director Rupert Sanders (whose background includes video-game commercials) dresses up Snow White and the Huntsman with enough CGI and eye candy to keep things visually exciting. And the eight dwarfs here (yes, eight) are far from the amiable whistling and sneezing forest-dwellers found in other versions of the story.

But the movie is overlong, and its uninspired plot is no match for the stunning look of the film. And Stewart is no match for the hammy, gorgeous, and deliciously evil Theron. --Michael Gallucci

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