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Queer Sirs and Madams

Gay scribes read their written words at new book shop.


Chicagoan and gay author Gregg Shapiro peddles his new book of poetry tonight, at Suspect Thoughts' monthly Queerland Rocks meet-and-greet with regionally and nationally acclaimed gay, lesbian, and bisexual writers, rappers, and actors. The literary series is one in a string of "alternaqueer" theme nights that co-owners Greg Wharton and Ian Philips have cooked up since their bookstore's October grand opening. The marketing ploy is nothing new to the couple: They ran similar promotions in Oakland before the rising costs of doing business on the West Coast drove them to shutter their book shop and move to Ohio. "We did not plan on moving to Cleveland. For that matter, we weren't planning on opening up a bookstore right away," says Wharton. "It was a strange turn of events that led us here, and Cleveland has given us a great opportunity." Open your ears from 7 to 9 tonight at Suspect Thoughts Books, 4903 Clark Avenue. Admission is free. Call 216-631-2665 or visit
Third Saturday of every month, 7-9 p.m., 2008

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