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Race Relations

Comic sees the world in black-and-white, and it looks pretty funny.


Black stand-up comedian Don “D.C.” Curry notices a lot of white people in his audience. To understand them better, he says he often puts himself in their shoes. “I drive around town with one foot hanging out the window of the car,” he says. “Sometimes I go to the mailbox, get my bills, open them up, and pay them as soon as I look at them.” Still, he thinks many of his white fans want to be black -- just look at the popularity of tanning booths, he says. “They may want our skin tone, but they don’t want our credit report.”

Curry -- who’s appeared on The Tracy Morgan Show and in the movies Next Friday and Friday After Next -- is a pretty affable guy . . . till you get him started on recent advances in astronomy. He’s still fuming at the scientists who downgraded Pluto last year. “I stayed in the third grade for two years and in the fourth grade for an extra six months, trying to remember these damn planets,” he says. “Now you gonna tell me Pluto ain’t even one of them?”
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