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//Radiotakeover Tour

With the Beautiful Mistake, Anatomy of a Ghost, and others. Thursday, April 15, at the Grog Shop.


It's tempting to think that the //Radiotakeover Tour, subtitled "Dance or Die!", might feature the hottest Gang of Four clones bringing the funk to the post-punk crunk. Yet is one of the Internet's leading resources for and champions of independent, uncensored new music -- specifically of the punk, hardcore, and indie variety -- so the outing understandably emphasizes substance over hipster style and the latest smooth moves.

The earnest, helium-pitched wails of Anatomy of a Ghost lead vocalist John Hurley resemble AFI's Davey Havok and Coheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez, while his Portland quintet's painstakingly sculpted songs mimic the latter's grandiose emo-wank machinations. SoCal quartet the Beautiful Mistake ambitiously emulates the sprawling experiments of Cave-In on their new big-thinking Militia Group disc, This Is Who You Are; Seattle sextet Emery chooses to smarten up its own subdued atmospheres with interludes of blood-curdling screamo metalcore. In fact, just about the only band on the bill with any limb-flailing potential is the A.K.A.s, N.Y.C. greaseballs and one-time Bronx tourmates who update bratty old-school punk with a political agenda and a highly combustible Farfisa organ.

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