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Raunch Dressing

Foul-mouthed comedian doesn't care if she offends you. In fact, that's her goal.


Comedian Lisa Lampanelli doesn’t want any soccer moms attending her show at the Lorain Palace Theatre tonight. She doesn’t think the “middle-class cunts in SUVs” will appreciate her brand of humor. “You have to be able to laugh at yourself and not be a tight-ass,” she says. “I stick mostly with jokes about marked, dirty people — like the blacks, Hispanics, and the Asians. Fags are always good too.” Ex-boyfriends are also fair game. Expect to hear about the 46-year-old Lampanelli’s dating history. “I had a black boyfriend for three years,” she says. “Then I went back to white — which was even worse, because he was more shiftless and lazy than a black. I’m trying to figure out why I attract men without checking accounts, and yet I’m fabulously rich.” The self-described “lovable Queen of Mean” has perfected her raunchy stand-up act over the past two decades. She launched her career in the early 1990s in N.Y.C.’s comedy clubs. By 2002, the Connecticut-based comedian was a staple at Friars Club roasts, insulting everyone from Chevy Chase to Flavor Flav. She now juggles occasional radio stints on Howard Stern’s show with weekend tours across the country. “America isn’t just L.A. and New York,” she says. “Everybody has the same sense of humor. There are as many idiots in New York as there are in Kalamazoo.” Still, she says she’s looking forward to her Big Apple gig next May, when she’ll play Carnegie Hall. “They have cello players, jazz singers, and me,” she laughs. “I thought, ‘What the fuck, with all this classy stuff?’”
Fri., Oct. 26, 8 p.m., 2007

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