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Regional Beat: Mechanics of Things


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Murder of Crows (self-released)

Local stoner rockers Mechanics of Things come out of the gates hard and heavy on this new album with "Black Highway," the gritty opening track that will blow your speakers if you're not careful. The song's hoarse vocals and distorted guitar riffs draw equally from old-school doom rockers like Black Sabbath and new(er)-school artists such as Wolfmother. A bit of a blues thread filters through "Ultradrive," and "Taking Tomorrow" has a Queens of the Stone Age-esque vibe. "Dislocated" opens with eardrum-shattering feedback before finding its groove, and "High Gravity" is tailor made for an extreme sports soundtrack. — Jeff Niesel

Mechanics of Things performs with He-Chaw-Frunk at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 1, at the 5 O'Clock in Lakewood.


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