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Regional Beat: These Knees



The Young and the Bright (self-released)

This local indie-pop act appropriately describes itself as "playfully romantic" in its official bio. That's an appropriate description of the music on this album that showcases the vocals of band leader Stephanie Trivison. She has a lilting voice that sounds a bit like Tegan and Sara if you stripped away the vocal harmonies. The feistier the song, the better. Trivison adopts a bit of a sneer on the rollicking "Ohio," a tune that has a Violent Femmes-like acoustic punk vibe and concludes with a cool a cappella segment. She's not incapable of delivering bona fide love songs and sounds solid on the rather gentle "Addicted." The moody "We Are Infinite" is a virtual call to arms; the tune deserves commercial radio airplay. "Eventually" starts slow but once the handclaps kick in, the song picks up its tempo and soars. Lots of good stuff here.

These Knees perform with Tracy Morgan Freeman and Sliverlights at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 31 at the Grog Shop.

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