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Regional Beat: Youth Forgotten


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Ghost of a Fallen Empire (self-released)

You could call Youth Forgotten a super group. The lineup consists of singer J.C. Koszewski (Dead Even), lead guitarist Matt Brewer (ex-Integrity), drummer Rob Walters (Salt The Wound), guitarist Aaron Salo (Above This Fire) and bassist Jim LaMarca (Chimaira), all of whom represent some of the finest musicians on the local dark hardcore/metal scene. Recorded locally at Rob Arnold's RobArnoldWorld, Ghost of a Fallen Empire starts fast and furious with the parched vocals of "Anthem," a song that commences as thrash metal but finishes on a mellower note after a nice mid-song bridge. Sneering vocals cut to the core in "Revolution for Nothing" and a menacing howl kicks off "Take Control." With its dense layer of noise, "Unite the City" serves as the standout track and suggests the band isn't content to stick with the tried and true. An impressive debut.


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