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Rephlex Records USA 2004

With Bogdan Raczynski, Soundmurderer, and DJ Rephlex Records. Monday, March 15, at the B-Sides Liquor Lounge (beneath the Grog Shop).


Are you ready to Braindance? England's Rephlex Records coined this snarky term to encompass its baffling array of left-field techno, drill & bass, dancehall, jungle, ironic rave, and other lunatic-fringe species of electronic music.

For this rare U.S. visit by the Rephlex crew, Polish rhythm-vandal Bogdan Raczynski is likely to unleash the spasmodic yet playfully tuneful drill & bass anti-anthems that riddle his recent Renegade Platinum Mega Dance Attack Party: Don the Plates. Michigan's Soundmurderer (Todd Osborn, owner of Rewind Records) revisits jungle's rowdy-as-hell halcyon days, when producers Ginsu-knifed the "Amen" breakbeat a thousand different ways and sautéed it with raga vocals, dub bass lines, and rave's ecstatic rhythmic rush. If Soundmurderer's set is anything like his Wired for Sound mix CD (Violent Turd), you're in for a history lesson that'll leave you physically drained.

And who is this DJ Rephlex Records? It's label boss Grant Wilson Claridge. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these artists, so you may want to take off work Tuesday.

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