Resident Evil: Retribution 3D

Rated R 95 min. 2012

While the Resident Evil series is based on a videogame, this, the fifth installment in the sci-fi series, doesn’t even bother to present anything resembling a plot. Rather, the film feels like an extended video game sequence as Alice (Milla Jovovich) tries to escape an underwater detention center with the help of a few of her mercenary friends. Essentially a training ground for the bad guys, the detention center consists of a series of simulated realities resembling the world’s biggest cities. As Alice runs from city to city, she encounters a new, more challenging opponent in each quadrant. While the computer-generated effects are quite spectacular (particularly in 3-D), the lack of a compelling story is a real detriment. While that might suggest the series might be reaching its conclusion, the movie’s ending clearly sets everything up for yet another sequel. Ugh.

Film Credits

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Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson

Producer: Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt and Don Carmody

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Kevin Durand, Bingbing Li, Oded Fehr, Johann Urb, Shawn Roberts, Boris Kodjoe and Colin Salmon


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