Rockingest Foodie Fundraiser

Rock 'n' Roll BBQ Throwdown Benefit for Cleveland Food Rocks

It seems that every year, some organization concocts another food-based fundraiser, where big-hearted chefs are strong-armed into donating their time, cash and resources in support of a worthy cause. Now, we're certainly not knocking the causes, just the events, which too often are stuffy snooze-fests crammed with supercilious gourmands. And then there's the food — wee morsels that couldn't sate a gnome. Thank the good Lord then for the Rock 'n' Roll BBQ Throwdown, a brand-new bash that benefits Cleveland Food Rocks and the indie restaurants of Northeast Ohio. In July, chefs from dozens of the area's most popular restaurants dished up gallons of righteous barbecue-themed grub. When they weren't feeding guests, the chefs rocked the house from the small stage. And who the hell can forget Bootsy Collins?! Here's hoping that the riotous event returns for an encore in 2010. ( — Trattner