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Room and Board

An old favorite scores with young drunks.


Kirt Tompkins points to the back of his bar to show where the action happens. "You wouldn't believe how many people play Shuffleboard," he says. "That table gets a workout when it’s busy in here." Tompkins installed the electronic tabletop game in 2000 and billed it as the first of its kind west of downtown Cleveland. To play, competitors scoot a minipuck down the 14.5-foot table and score up to five points per shot, depending on where it lands. The first to rack up 15 points wins the round. "You decide, 'Do I want to be defensive? Do I want to be offensive? Do I knock his puck off the table?’" says Tompkins. "There’s a lot of strategy involved."
Starts: Dec. 7. Daily, 11 a.m., 2005

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