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Rue (Shifty Records)


This self-titled LP from Akron sludge factory Rue has a song called "Stonersaurus," which pretty much says it all. The tune starts with samples narrating: "The group's founders inflicted an even more punishing toll on themselves . . . smoked pot, hash, opium, psychedelics, LSD, magic mushrooms." Meanwhile, the "Fuck you and what you think" lyrics to "Born With Frostbite" read like the work of an intern with the stonercore cave trolls in Eyehategod. The album's cover features a five-eyed demon -- would have been six, but it's missing one -- with a skull hanging from its belt and a pentagram on its shield.

Featuring members of Akron's Blue Cheer-on-'ludes project Fistula and former members of the similarly abrasive regional irritants Hate Theory and Pillow Humpers, Rue formed just under a year ago and recorded this disc last April, but didn't release it until recently. Since the album came out, the band has been touring nationally with fellow sowers of discord such as Rwake, Weedeater, Bongzilla, and Goatwhore. Welcome to the club, fellas.

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