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Rufus Wainwright

With Ben Folds and Guster. Sunday, June 27, at Tower City Amphitheater.


It's ironic that out of all the package tours roaming scorched parking lots and outdoor sheds this summer, the one jaunt with the fewest number of bands possesses the most musical diversity. Laid-back college faves Guster bring to the stage both an intellectual-fratboy sense of humor -- they started a show last year by mimicking the opening to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, complete with cardigans and a trolley -- and their ever-growing talent. Although the trio earned its loyal fan base through acoustic ditties like "Fa Fa," the Beatles- and R.E.M.-style cuts from its standout 2003 disc Keep It Together find the band equally at home with the guitars plugged in. Expect Ben Folds to come out with pianos blazing as he previews songs from his upcoming album and revisits jaunty favorites from his work with Ben Folds Five and his solo debut, Rockin' the Suburbs. Finally, orchestral dynamo Rufus Wainwright -- a flute of champagne to Guster's warm keg beer -- closes the night with his typically lush compositions. Possessing impeccable fashion sense and wry joie de vivre, the meticulous Montreal-raised songwriter continues to support last year's Want One, his most ambitious outing yet.

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