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When: Mon., Feb. 20 2012

Say what you will about dubstep – it's loud, obnoxious, unsophisticated, and the bros like it – but it's the most viable subset of electronic music since that whole bubble turned out to be a whole lotta nothing a decade or so ago. Twenty-seven-year old British producer and DJ Rusko is leading dubstep's charge into U.S. clubs, pushing, throbbing, and skittering the whole way. Rusko – who's collaborated with M.I.A., Gucci Mane, and a member of Dirty Projectors – has been making music for more than five years, which is a virtual lifetime for electronic artists playing around in new territories. His new album, which comes out next month on Diplo's label, is called Songs, and it's a sure bet from that title that he's aiming for more than just drunken club kids doing that weekend bounce. He's setting out with a statement of purpose. The album's first single, “Somebody to Love,” is already a hit, a snaky slice of club pop that winks at the genre's conventions while fully embracing them. 9 p.m. Tickets: $20-$30. -- Michael Gallucci

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