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Rust Proof

TSO guitarist trades holiday bombast for smooth jazz.



Guitarist Al Pitrelli has done time in Megadeth, Asia, and Savatage. For the past decade, he's shredded a yuletide axe as a member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Lately, however, Pitrelli has been playing a different tune with O'2L (it's pronounced O'Toole), a small jazz-fusion group he leads with his wife, keyboardist Jane Mangini. "With TSO, we have six semis, six tour buses, lasers, pyro, and a 40-man road crew," says Pitrelli. "In O'2L, I am the road crew. We stay in Motel 6's, and if we're lucky, we stop at Jack in the Box for supper."

Still, Pitrelli doesn't consider O'2L a side project. "It's basically the same band," he says, referring to the shared (albeit scaled-down) lineup. "One has tuxedos, one doesn't." The group's latest album, Doyle's Brunch, mixes flashy originals with mellow covers (like the Doors' "Riders on the Storm"). "I'd get bored doing the same thing all the time," says Pitrelli. "TSO is a tradition. Here, I get to mix things up."
Sat., Aug. 19, 9:30 p.m.


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