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Salt the Wound

Carnal Repercussions (Rotten)



Metal bands used to name themselves after extremely painful causes of death. The latest trend, which has taken root in our creatively challenged city, is verb-then-noun bands: Kill the Fall, Lick the Blade, Enthrall the Weak. Add to that list Salt the Wound, which plays a solid if not exactly revelatory brand of death metalcore that's technically competent and brutally heavy. The lyrics distinguish its debut album, Carnal Repercussions. Unlike most death and grind singers, Kevin Schaefer sings about actually loving girls, not killing them. And we can't think of another genre band that unleashes a line like "Pour some hot sauce on me baby/Because I could go all night," which sounds like something R. Kelly would get freaky with. Call it bump 'n' grindcore.

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