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Scene's 2009-2010 Winter Guide

Skiing, skating, video games, box sets, books, exercise and more


It's cold, it's snowy, and the urge to hibernate is natural and overwhelming. Doesn't mean you can't fight it though. Here's our guide to help you stay active (well, sort of, in some cases) and entertained through the next six months. That's how long winter lasts, right?

BOOKS -- Because you don't read anything during the summer.

BOX SETS -- Because you've woefully neglected your music collection.

CYCLING -- Yes, even in the snow.

EXERCISE -- Because you'll be eating only fats and carbs for three months.

ICE SKATING -- Really, it's not that hard.

SKIING -- For the snow bunnies. Oh, and the exercise.

VIDEO GAMES -- Because who really wants to leave the house.

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