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Scene's Sensational Summer Guide

Our rundown of how best to enjoy the two minutes of summer on the North Coast


Well, look at that, the sun. Howdy, friend.

It might not last as long as we'd like, but dammit if these aren't our favorite three months of the year. And we Clevelanders know how to pack a year's worth of fun into that short period where parkas aren't mandatory for stepping out the front door.

Take a gander through the following pages with a healthy dose of SPF 60 lathered on your pale skin, because this summer promises to leave you tan, tired, drunk and, well, drunker. From events to tunes, flicks to fabulous outdoor locales to grab a nip, we have you covered.

-- The 16 patios you have to visit

-- Events? Events! It's time for friends and festivals, so get planning

-- Our customized summer mixtape, straight from our fingers to your ears

-- There are approximately 1,678 concerts you should be seeing this summer

-- Blockbuster Time! Take a break from the outdoors and catch the flicks, the stars, the flops (and the air conditioning)

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