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Scissor Sisters

With the Faint of Heart. Wednesday, June 2, at the Grog Shop.


Move over, Boy George: The Scissor Sisters are the new campy cowboys in town, and their fabulous style and retro-leaning synth outrageousness spell trouble for your undisputed gay-icon status. Taking its name from a slang term for lesbians, the N.Y.C. quintet started half a decade ago with vocalist Jake Shears and multi-instrumentalist Babydaddy (they later rounded out the lineup with cabaret-show host/performance artist Ana Matronic and two friends).

Bushels of U.K. hype followed on the heels of the Sisters' naturally over-the-top live shows, and their self-titled debut -- which came out overseas a few months ago -- is as flamboyant as their personas. In fact, if the Bee Gees had grown up in Brooklyn, going to electroclash nights and hanging out at gay bars with Fischerspooner, they might have ended up recording songs like the Sisters' gloriously paranoid cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb." A whirring electro-bleeped piece of hypnotic glitz and gaudiness, the song screams hi-NRG dance floor -- as does the new-wavish techno rocker "Filthy/Gorgeous." Other songs have just as much attitude: "Music Is the Victim" is the B-52's meeting Elton John halfway, and "Laura" is a primo strut of Bowiesque proportions.

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