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Second to None



Every Second sounds like Britpop meets heavy metal, seasoned with a dash of emo. "It's the Beatles meet Iron Maiden meets Saves the Day," says frontman James Mars. "But the overall effect is much deeper and fuller."

The trio of 24-year-olds formed last year, after Mars graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College. Today, the Middleburgh Heights native works in the warehouse of a Bedford toy distributor, while simultaneously chasing his modest musical aspirations. "We're not in it to have a ton of fans or make a lot of money," he says. "We just love playing live shows for even three people."

During past gigs at the Phantasy, Peabody's, and the now-defunct Pit Cleveland, the guys peppered their sets with antics ranging from jumping on bars and tables to running into the audience for in-your-face sing-alongs. "If we could just play shows and never practice, that would be heaven," says Mars. "We just want to get the title of the most energetic band in Cleveland."
Sun., June 25, 8 p.m.

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