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Self Destruct Button

Natural Selection of Accidents (Tower Control)


Self Destruct Button's Natural Selection of Accidents might be the White Album of Cleveland's noise scene. A bulldozer of a song, opening track "Comparing Cancers" mingles anger, technology, and blast beats into a dance party. The record walks an odd line, sounding crisp as a 50 Cent LP and then grittier than a gutter punk loitering on 14th Street.

Live, singer Jae Kristoff often disguises himself by wearing a Mexican wrestling mask, but here he shows a different side, full of confident urgency and driven to greater heights by the long, flowing melodies strung throughout the record. As with anything experimental, Natural Selection has sour moments -- "Mail Bomb" kills the album's momentum, sounding like Green Jelly fumbling through a techno song. You'll forgive and forget, though, if only to say thanks for "Best in Show," the best 58 seconds in Cleveland music this year.

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