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Sharpen your needles! Designers square off at fashion show.


Today’s Fashion Knockout: Round 12 event gives Project Runway fans something to tide them over till next season. Designers stitch and divas bitch at the annual competition and fashion show, which includes more than a dozen stylists, vying for a $15,000 prize. “There is never a particular type that the judges are looking for,” says founder and producer Walter Vaughn Glover. “It can range from the basic-yet-elegant to the very creative.”

Five Cleveland stylists go thread-to-thread against designers from faraway places like Maryland, Illinois, and Florida. Each must create, cut, and sew four outfits -- one each in casual, business, sports, and formal categories. Glover, a former runway model who runs the local Waki Wear line, hopes to see some convention-busting clothes this year. “I like deconstruction -- making something totally wild,” he says. “I respect that kind of viewpoint.” The wrap-up fashion show features an all-male lineup of creators and models this year. As a guy who “lives and breathes fashion,” Glover hopes Knockout brings together area designers. “If I could wave a magic needle over the local fashion community,” he says, “it would stitch together all these fabrics, designers, and models to embrace the one community they represent -- the fashion world.”
Sun., June 24, 6:15 p.m.

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