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Shop Till You Drop

Clothing store accessorizes its wares with free booze.



When you walk into the Warehouse District’s new high-end fashion boutique Style Lounge tonight, expect more than mere racks filled with the latest jeans, dresses, and shirts. Every Saturday, DJ Joey Fingaz provides a hip-hop and Top 40 soundtrack to complement your shopping spree.

Meanwhile, co-owner Aja Lewis pours complimentary Heinekens, Coronas, and white wines. “You want your guests to be comfortable, so you offer them something to drink,” says Style Lounge’s other owner (and Aja’s mom), Nina Lewis.

The pair opened the shop last month to showcase designs by People’s Liberation, Blue Cult, and 55DSL. To put shoppers in a browsing mood, they installed a bar and DJ booth next to the store’s two dressing rooms. “At lunchtime, everyone’s bopping in for a second to look,” says Aja. “In the evening, they want something to wear that night. This isn’t your average retail store. It’s something with a kick.”
Saturdays, 5-10 p.m., 2007

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