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Short Cuts

Singer leaves hometown, writes about it.


Last year, singer-songwriter Shelley Short moved from her hometown of Portland, Oregon, to Chicago. She says she's not the restless kind, but felt it was time to make a change. "I never lived anywhere else," she says. "I left on a whim, and all these feelings came out with that." Fittingly, her new CD, Captain Wild Horse (Rides the Heart of Tomorrow), is all about the 26-year-old indie-popper's literal and figurative journey over the past year.

Short's second album is steeped in reflection. Memories of people and places from her past course through the 11 songs. "I've always been like that," says Short. "But leaving everything I knew really got me thinking." The CD includes appearances by musicians who've accompanied indie darlings Bright Eyes, Pine Top Seven, and M. Ward. Consequently, the sound is more refined than it was on 2003's demo-like debut, Oh Say Little Doggies, Why?, which Short maintains "wasn't even supposed to be a record. They were just songs I wanted to get down." On Captain Wild Horse, a bassist, drummer, violinist, and trumpet player join the mix. "I knew I wanted to make a record this time," she says.
Sat., Feb. 25, 9:30 p.m.

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