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Silver Apples

Friday, June 20, at the Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights.



Silver Apples' experimental electro-psych was so ahead of its time in the late '60s that the band actually had to go into hiding for 25 years, just so everyone else could catch up. New Yorkers Danny Taylor (drums) and Simeon (vocals, synthesizer) released only two albums as Silver Apples before they vanished into the ether around 1970. Recorded with a series of old-fashioned audio oscillators, the records featured spooky, pulsating electronics that would influence everyone from Kraftwerk to Portishead, Spiritualized, and Stereolab. It was during the mid-'90s, when the latter acts first started buzzing, that Simeon finally returned to Earth from whatever dimension he'd been living in for the past quarter-century. Taylor was eventually tracked down, and Silver Apples hit the road and enjoyed some long-overdue kudos. Taylor passed away in 2005. These days, Simeon plays solo. Even after a 1999 bus accident forced him to simplify his keyboard playing, he's still showing kids how it's done.

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