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With Theodore Vril, Thee Scarcity of Tanks, and Mike Uva. Friday, June 1, at Bela Dubby, 13321 Madison Avenue, Lakewood.


A lawsuit just waiting to happen: Singsing is not, in fact, the British pop band featuring Lush's Emma Anderson. The unfortunately named Chicago duo of John Wheatley and Becky Payne play woozy Americana that channels the old-timey twang of Appalachia and bluegrass' insistent pulse. They harmonize over spare, loping arrangements that employ acoustic guitar, drums, and the occasional organ or accordion. Highlights from last year's self-released disc include the haunting "Blood Keeps," which sounds like a Celtic murder ballad, and the waltzing, country-rag swing of "The Day Draws."

Opening is the rhythmic chaos of Thee Scarcity of Tanks. This free-punk/hardcore jazz quartet of local scenesters quakes, rattles, and skronks like beatnik no-wavers mugging math-rock eggheads. It's fun to watch, but you feel dirty afterward.


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