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With Antenora, Bloodwolf, and To Envy the Horrid. Friday, January 4, at Peabody's.


Solipsist plays Peabody's.
  • Solipsist plays Peabody's.

Cleveland-based metal band Solipsist cops a sinister vibe on its debut EP, Medicate the Masses. And even if we can't understand a single word Noah Buchanan growls on songs like "Dead Derelict" and "Paralyze You," the battering rhythms and piercing guitar licks come through loud and clear. The group is made up of guys who used to play in the local bands Belligerent and Amentia. But this tough team-up turns out to be more than just the sum of its parts. There's an authentic crunch to the music that stems from a shared love of all things fast and loud. On its MySpace page, Solipsist filled in the "Sounds Like" tab with "an epic battle between a legion of vikings and a horde of ninjas." We couldn't have put it any better. <

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