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Brother Ant and Brother Ed lay it out for you.

Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival is a righteous rockabilly duo out to save your soul. Here's some albums that singer-guitarist Brother Ant and drummer Brother Ed recommend.

Brother Ed: You want some Sound Advice? Kick the devil when he's down! Now, as far as what we've been listening to lately, we would have to say, first and foremost, Johnny Cash.

Brother Ant: Can I hear a hell yeah! Lately, it's been My Mother's Hymn Book. Johnny Cash singing traditional gospel songs -- you can't get any better than that.

Brother Ed: How about American IV: The Man Comes Around? Perfect album. The title track hits me right here [points to his heart]. It's hard for me to make it through that whole album without tearing up a bit. You know what? I can't wait to die and go to heaven, so I can give Johnny and June a big hug. And then we can jam. And laugh at Britney Spears burning in hell.

Brother Ant: also been listening to the rough tracks of North of Hell, our new CD, which is coming out real soon. I would say it's a CD of music to make love to. Good "banging" tunes.

Brother Ed: Good point. Plus some great devil-bashing tunes. Some of our songs make me want to break my foot off in the devil's ass.

Brother Ant: We do jam some secular bands on the way to gigs, though. Like Throw Rag's 13 Ft and Rising. We've done a few shows with these guys, and they rock live. The CD is rockin' too.

Brother Ed: How about the master, Bob Log III? We love his last recording, Log Bomb. We've jammed with him a few times, and each time I want to burn my drums in the parking lot afterwards. He's that good. God bless the Log.

Brother Ant: And we can't forget the biggest influence on our music: Brother Prince! 1999 is a grand ol' classic. A perfect album. Makes me want to hit the dance floor and show the ladies how it's done.

Brother Ed: Oh God, can we go now?

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