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Andrea Sweazy lays it out for you.

Talent buyer Andrea Sweazy books shows at Cleveland's legendary Agora Ballroom and Theater.

What were your other music jobs?

I started Caterpillar Productions, a booking and promotion company, in Chicago. It started as an internship credit, and before I knew it, I had about 50 bands that I was responsible for booking and marketing in the Chicago area.

What do you listen to this time of year?

Lately I've been listening to my 50 Pearl Jam bootlegs; they seem to go well with this time of year. I hate winter, so I try to listen to whatever makes me think of the sunshine. (God, that sounds so corny.) If I had to pick 10 CDs for random play, they'd be GN'R's Appetite for Destruction, Tool's Aenima, Korn's first disc, Candlebox's first disc (I know, I know, but they really were good), Living Things, El Pus, Whole Wheat Bread, and whatever Pearl Jam CDs I grab first.

What's the best local CD you heard in the last year?

Broke by Monday. It's got a great vibe. I hope none of the other locals are offended.

What can a band do to make sure it never gets invited back to a venue?

Be disrespectful to the venue staff or fans. I can't stand rude "rock stars." Also, drawing on the dressing-room walls. We just redecorated the ballroom dressing rooms. Apparently, to make it big in the music industry, smaller bands must write their names and draw a penis on our walls. After a while, there are only so many hand-drawn penises you can stand to look at.

If an aspiring local band sends you a package, how can it make sure it gets heard?

Send beer. I'm kidding, but I actually did get a can of beer in a press pack. We actually listen to all the CDs we get. Some get played longer than others, but they all get a fair shot.

What show are you most looking forward to?

Living Things! I love the vibe; the music makes me want to dance.

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