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Anthony Attalla lays it out for you.

Anthony Attalla is a resident DJ at Cloud 9. He also spins electronic dance music at other venues across Canada and the Midwest.

What have you been listening to lately?

I've actually been listening to a lot of tribal house and some minimal techno. As for the techno, I don't usually listen to straight minimal, but I've been stumbling on a bunch lately that I've really been getting into.

What about electronic dance music is different, and what has changed?

Crowds are tougher now and more educated on EDM as a whole. In the late '90s, when everyone was doing drugs and listening to trance, nobody gave a shit if the music all sounded the same or not, 'cause it was more about the party than anything else. Trance kinda pushed EDM into the status quo culture, and it got really cheesy and commercialized. So EDM had to go back underground for a while. Since then, the scene has changed dramatically. Instead of happy disco, house, and trance, it has gone in a deeper and darker direction, which I personally like much more.

People have been saying that electronic music is The Next Big Thing for over 10 years now. Is it?

In some cities, it already is. For other cities, it will stay underground permanently. There are just too many people who want to listen to what they hear in the pop-culture media like MTV and the radio, when they go out at night.

What's the good news about the Cleveland dance/electronic scene? What's the bad news?

The good news is all the talented artists Cleveland has. There are so many quality DJs and producers who can't get gigs, because there just aren't enough EDM nights or clubs in the city to support them. Fortunately, people like Jody Jaraczewski (Cloud 9's owner) and Mike Melon (the owner of Tru Productions) continually push this market and bring quality events and world-class DJs, which the EDM culture in Cleveland should be proud of. The bad news is, there needs to be more support.

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