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Chris Zitterbart lays it out for you.

Chris Zitterbart, a partner at Peabody's, books and promotes its events.

How did you wind up in Cleveland?
I attended Hiram College, where I did a weekly radio show and wrote concert reviews and band interviews. I grew to really like Cleveland, the people, and the music scene. So I stuck around and have been hitting concerts here ever since.

Before you moved to Cleveland, what did you think of when you thought "Cleveland music"?
Hardcore! As a kid, I saw Outface play with Draw the Line and Last Man Standing at the Alchemy Café in Warren, Pennsylvania. I was completely hooked. Then I wandered into Peabody's one night and saw the Spudmonsters tear the place up. Absolutely amazing energy. When I moved here, I started checking out more diverse acts, like Java Bean, Silicon Soul, and, of course, Mushroomhead.

What have you been listening to lately?
I have been listening to Suicide City (members of Biohazard and Kittie) a lot. The Independents' new CD, Eternal Bond, is very cool. They're an amazing horror/ska-core punk band that is dark and catchy at the same time. Disengage's Application for an Afterlife is just an over-the-top wall of sound. I love it. Start a War, by Static-X, gets a lot of spins in my car. I just picked up Rantology by Ministry -- love that band. I'm also listening to a lot of Switched, Suicide Machines, and Alter Boys.

Name three underrated local bands.
There are so many good bands in Cleveland, it's hard to narrow it down. One of my favorites is American Werewolves. In Winter is great live and on CD. Murmur is a really good record. Very hypnotic sound. And I have to include Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival. If you haven't seen them yet, why not?

What does the city take for granted?
I don't think people realize how strong the live-music scene is in Cleveland. There are a lot of great bands and musicians with a lot of influences. Also, there are a lot of great venues to check out. Cleveland has one of the best music scenes in the country. If you haven't been out to see live music in a while, you are missing out.

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