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Southern Culture on the Skids

With Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival. Thursday, June 1, at the Beachland Ballroom.


With lighthearted paeans to road-kill dinners ("Carve That Possum"), southern convenience stores ("Fried Chicken and Gasoline"), big hair ("Liquored Up and Lacquered Down"), and other objects of trailer-park/white-trash parody (one album's entitled Plastic Seat Sweat), Southern Culture on the Skids could at first be mistaken for a parody band like the Dead Milkmen. But dig in, and you'll discover that SCOTS is a white-hot, country-roots-and-rockabilly combo, whose sense of humor and rambunctious live shows put it in a league with Ween, one of the great unsung live acts.

According to guitarist Rick Miller, SCOTS actually made money (low recording costs, no tour support) during its two-album term at Geffen and scored a minor hit with its B-52's-meet-the-Ventures-style ode to Little Debbie snack cakes, "Camel Walk." What's lost until you see the band live is guitarist Rick Miller's ability to swing from country lope to punky, razor-wire twang, and towering, bouffant-sporting bassist Mary Huff's wicked, come-with-me-behind-the-barn smile.

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