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Spoon Sounds Invigorated on ‘They Want My Soul’




They Want My Soul

(Loma Vista)

Spoon is the rare indie rock band that's survived the '90s. The group followed the usual trajectory. It issued its first few albums on an indie imprint and generated a ton of hype. It subsequently signed to a major and then got unceremoniously dropped by a major. But they recovered nicely and went back to an indie label and proceeded to nurture a cult following. On their first studio effort since 2010's Transference, they sound invigorated. "Rent I Pay" features some terrific distortion but doesn't mask its infectious melody. With a steady synth-drum beat and percolating synths, the groovy "Inside Out" hits the mark as does "Do You," a song that features sneering, Tom Petty-like vocals and a crisp guitar riff. Unlike other indie rock bands that are too cool to play music that suggests they might be having fun, Spoon indulges in its power-pop tendencies without succumbing to them completely. Come to think of it, that could be why the band's survived and thrived. — Niesel

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