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Best Place to get your Zen on

Cleveland Yoga

Whether you call it "yoga" or "those bizarre stretches that make my cat all randy," Cleveland Yoga is the place to hone your business. The studio offers dozens of classes each week, ranging from high-intensity, body-sculpting workouts to the more meditative meanderings of the Eastern discipline. Beginner's workshops welcome the uninitiated, and the robust roster of niche maneuvers bring in the more experienced crowd. So, yes, if you're looking to "get your Zen on" as the kids are saying these days, Cleveland Yoga has you covered. Come football season, look out for more brash alternatives like the "Downward-facing Dawg Pound," which is less rejuvenating and more regurgitating. 3355 Richmond Rd., Beachwood, 216-591-1183,

Best Beach

Mentor Headlands

Boasting a mile of gorgeous beachfront (the largest in all of Ohio) and 120 total acres of natural serenity, Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor is the next best thing to hopping a plane south. Better, actually, because you don't actually have to go south. The park is Northeast Ohio's one-stop shop for swimming, tanning, fishing, picnicking, hiking, and, most importantly, sitting and working on that pasty tan. 9601 Headlands Rd., Mentor,

Best Place for Skiing

Boston Mills

Ohio's slopes might not hold the allure of Colorado's, but they're nothing to kick snow at. Boston Mills isn't only conveniently located within 30 minutes from just about any winter sports lover in Northeast Ohio, the powder playground offers eight trails that cover all skill levels, from newbie ski bunny to downhill daredevil. 7100 Riverview Rd., Peninsula, 330- 657-2334,

Best Place to Run/< Hike/Bike


Really a no-brainer here. With trails in Bedford, Bay Village, Berea, Brecksville (and plenty of other suburbs that don't start with 'B,' notably Rocky River), the Metroparks brings you a whole lot of nature in close proximity to the urban core. There are over 100 miles of paved shared-use trails for biking, jogging, or even in-line skating, if you've still got your rollerblades from 1996. And the Metroparks have seemingly endless programming for families and spry young singletons. Bird-watching hikes, for instance, which is more of a singles magnet than you'd probably expect. The fact remains: Cleveland has a network of incredibly rich, incredibly diverse, incredibly expansive parks in the region and you'd be silly not to take advantage of them. As the weather warms up, go Ralph Waldo-style on that shit  and climb a maple tree or something.

Best fitness club

Planet Fitness

You can't beat the gym's renowned monthly rate of $10. "Toss a Jackson on the counter each month and have at it," they'll tell you. Just don't come in acting like a douchebag. That is, quite literally, the only rule to this place. And it works! Customers have free range of the club's cardio equipment, weight selection and stretching area. In fact, each PF location boasts a "lunk alarm." What? A "lunk alarm!" When rung, the "lunk alarm" alerts all gym-goers to the presence of an overzealous meathead. PF does not take kindly to any sort of head-up-your-ass douchebaggery, making it a comfortable spot to get your elliptical on. The gyms also have those delightful coin-operated massage chairs that make you say "ooohhhh," even when you should be getting your elliptical on. Various locations,

Best Bowling Alley


Yeah, it's old school—you won't find any automated scorekeeping consoles or overhead replay monitors here. Just 20 well-maintained, retro lanes, modest fees (just $3 for a game), and perky staff ready to souse you with mason jars of Sixpoint Sweet Action draft and supply you with well-worn bowling kicks. Manned by the Mahall family for 87 years, new owners Kelly Flamos and Joe Pavlick upgraded the joint last year by restoring its shabby chic vintage digs—original stamped tin ceiling! Faded frescoes! Sixties pool tables! Funky horseshoe booths!—and luring the fixie-and-feather-tat crowd with noise shows, craft cocktails, and vegan tacos. Oh, and they serve up some mean fried chicken, house-made beef jerky, and weirdly addictive Beijing vinegar peanuts. Hey, our average might be 62 (okay, maybe lower—golly, that manual scoring sure is tough!), but this place is as much about good vibes and instant camaraderie as it is about ten-pin heroics. Just grab a drink and you'll fit right in. As for that pesky, much-contested pronunciation: it's Muh-HALL's, not MAY-halls, you cheeseballs. What are you, from Cincinnati? 13200 Madison Ave., Lakewood, 216-521-3280,