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Locally produced flick On the North Coast shows at Grog Shop


A computer programmer who says he simply “loves movies,” James Neyman formed a production company six years ago with his writing and directing cohort Kurt Broz. The two quickly cast and shot a horror film called The Slasher, which was accepted to Indie Gathering, the local underground film festival; they’ve continued to produce films on a regular basis. Their latest movie, On the North Coast, centers on Vegas Lou (Jake McGee), a ruthless mercenary who can’t seem to put his notorious past behind him and must confront three people who all have their own reasons for wanting to kill him. The Vegas Lou character has appeared in two previous Neyman films. On the North Coast, which shows at 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 29, at the Grog Shop, completes the trilogy. “This movie was definitely inspired by Westerns,” explained Neyman back in December. “The whole movie is one big Mexican standoff between the three central characters.”

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