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St. Patrick's Weekend

Saturday, March 15, through Sunday, March 17. 21 and over only, no cover. The Garage Bar, 1859 W. 25th St., Ohio City, 216-696-7772.



Here's the thing with St. Paddy's Day: It's a great time, and it's the busiest bar day of the year, and it's the very occasion to get hardcore with your merriment. But it's also popular with the amateurs. Don't surround yourself with junior-varsity party people. Spend the whole weekend at the Garage Bar, where the laid-back atmosphere is always good, and the music will be better. St. Pat's Day, doors open at noon, with a 3 p.m. set by the boogie-swing rock kings of Madison Crawl. Sunday, the southern (rock)-fried Not So Good Ol' Boys will make sure you're late for work Monday (assuming you show up at all). And start your bender Saturday with Cobra Verde's triumphant return. The Cle-rock big dogs will be playing lo-fi, highly hot-and-bothered rock and roll — just as St. Patrick intended — including cuts from their imminent new record, Haven't Slept All Year. It's all over the map, and so's their set: Expect a Van Halen cover and "Underpants," a tribute to the late Jim Jones. Plus, it's close to the parade route, but not too close.

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