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Starberry Sausage Party

Featuring Starberry, the Twilight, and the Missing Planes. 9 p.m. Saturday, September 16, 21 and over only. $5 cover includes complimentary sausage sandwich and all the indie rock you can eat. Pat's in the Flats, W. 3rd St. and Literary Rd., Tremont, 21


Here's the kind of sausage party you want to attend. Long-absent pop-rock duo Starberry returns for its second annual Sausage Party, a display of Pat Casa's multidisciplinary expertise as a drummer and purveyor of hot links. Casa's other family business, Holiday Italian Sausage, brings the beef (and pork) for the Man (or Woman) Vs. Meat Sausage Eating Contest. The winner receives a $100 grand prize. Mmm, sausage.

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