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TOP PICK — Video Game

ModNation Racers


This fun video game for the PlayStation 3 feels a lot like Mario Kart and other similar racers. But it's got one thing on all of them: You can create your own awesome tracks and share them with other gamers. Want an obstacle over here? Go ahead and drop one. How about an explosion near the finish line? The usual tourney-type action just adds to the craziness.


Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love


Lee, frontman for '60s psych-rockers Love, continued to make noise even after his band stopped making music (he did time in the '90s on a weapons charge). John Einarson's detailed bio looks at Love's masterpiece Forever Changes, the group's comeback a decade ago, and Lee's death in 2006. It's a story worthy of Lee's often trippy, winding music. Bong hits optional.


Flash Gordon


What's the cheesiest thing about this 1980 movie (now available on Blu-ray)? The clueless hero? Max von Sydow's campy villain? The candy-colored set design? No, no, and no. Try the soundtrack composed by Queen, quite possibly the gayest music ever used in a sci-fi film. Still, the whole thing is a kick to watch. Prepare to have several essential senses assaulted.


Gamera vs. Barugon — Special Edition

(Shout! Factory)

What's not to love about a humongous flying turtle that can spit fire? In his second movie, Gamera takes on a big lizard capable of freezing people with its breath. Like all Japanese monster movies, a meteorite, a rocket, and a South Pacific island all figure into the plot. This DVD includes the original widescreen Japanese version of the movie and more Gamera. Excellent!


Sin & Punishment: Star Successor


For the most part, shooting games for the Wii suck. Not this one. The plot has something to do with invaders from space, but that won't matter once you start blasting away at the screen. Boulders are hurled at you, bullets whiz by, and before you know it, you're dead. Star Successor isn't easy to master, but once you figure it out, you'll lose hours of your short life to this game.Send feedback to

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