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Elvis Presley — Elvis Is Back: Legacy Edition


The first two albums Elvis recorded after he got out of the Army get the deluxe treatment in this two-disc reissue loaded with bonus tracks. Elvis Is Back, from 1960, features a smoldering Elvis on "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" and "Such a Night." The following year's Something for Everybody went to No. 1. Great singles from the era ("Surrender," "Little Sister") round out the set.


All About Eve

(Twentieth Century Fox)

Bette Davis' best movie, and one of the greatest examples of super-smart screenwriting ever, finally comes to Blu-ray. Davis plays an aging stage actress whose young, eager protégé claws her way to the top. Extras include commentaries, old newsreels, and a half-dozen profiles — about the score, movie, and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz — that go deep behind the scenes.


All-Star Superman


You know what's really super? Mad Men's Christina Hendricks as the voice of Lois Lane in this new straight-to-home-video animated feature about the Man of Steel. Superman gets blasted with radiation and thinks he's dying. So he starts tying up loose ends, like having a little heart-to-heart with Lois and taking care of business with Lex Luthor. The Blu-ray looks awesome.


Is This the Real Life? The Untold Story of Queen

(Da Capo)

Writer Mark Blake celebrates the 40th anniversary of Queen with the first exhaustive bio of their career. He talks with the band, as well as with the people who worked with them, for a look at their earliest days to their globe-conquering superstardom. It's light on dishy stuff, since Blake is more concerned with running down highlights. Still, you'll learn something.


Weeds: Season Six


Our favorite TV show about a smokin'-hot suburban mom who makes a really great living selling pot returns with all 13 episodes from the latest season, in which Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her family are forced to go on the run and assume new identities. We're pretty sure the cast and crew were hitting from Nancy's stash when they made the gag reel.

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