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Stop When You're Feeling Dizi

The Boneyard is the downtown spot for "nobodies and new people."


Daniel Clemens' mission tonight is to make his customers Dizi at the Boneyard. The veteran bartender recommends that his manly customers cop a buzz with a shot and a Miller High Life, while the ladies guzzle the raspberry-flavored Bomb Pop martini. "It looks like an ice-pop," says Clemens, whose speedy service has earned him the nickname of Dizi. "But I can make anything to satisfy anybody's palate." He also wants to clear up a misconception about the bar, which is sometimes mistaken for Snob Central: "Surprisingly, it's the neighborhood joint for downtown, packed with both nobodies and new people," he says. "You know everybody, and everybody knows you. It's basically the Cheers of downtown."
Mondays, 4 p.m.-2:30 a.m., 2006

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